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What is SEO?

SEO means search engine optimisation, it is the means and way of getting traffic to your website, if you didnt use SEO on your website no search engine will find you so basically your wasting your money on a website that nobody will see, i suppose its like having a shop that nobody can find.
There are two types of SEO one is called on page SEO and the second one is more behinnd the scenes or at the back end of you website.

On page SEO

Its essential your on page optimisation is inline with Googles  parameters otherwise you are at a great disadvantage.

Here are some easy ways to improve your SEO

  • Make sure all images are the correct size when uploaded to your website
  • Ensure your images are optimised there are many plugins that can take care of this
  • Make correct use of H tags on your text for example H1 for heading H2 for sub heading down to H5
  • Content is the king pin, it has to be unique, your own words and not copied from another source on the web Google loves relevant and good content
  • Links to another website or to other pages on your own site and backlinks are really important, a link from another site to you and its also has to be relevant to your content.

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